Student Life

Fitness Center

Students, faculty and staff have access to fitness centers at SCC and SFCC. These state-of-the-art facilities offer cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility programming. Students may register for either a 1-credit fast fitness or a 2-credit cross training class. Grading is based on the total hours of exercise time accumulated during the quarter.

Both fitness centers have a dress policy that is designed to help keep equipment clean and foster a non-intimidating environment. The aim of fitness center staff is to provide an educational and motivating environment in which to achieve individual exercise goals. Instructors are on hand to help develop personal exercise programs and conduct individual fitness assessments. These assessments include testing body composition, blood pressure, flexibility, aerobic fitness and muscular strength. There also is an opportunity for physically challenged individuals to exercise on a variety of specialized machines.

All fitness center users pay a small quarterly lab fee that helps provide a means to maintain equipment and for the purchase of new machines.

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Intercollegiate Athletics

The athletic program gives full-time students at both colleges an opportunity to participate in competitive intercollegiate sports in the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC). Each year, Bigfoot teams rank in the top ten in a variety of NWAC sports. Men's teams compete in cross-country, basketball, track, golf, tennis, soccer and baseball; women's teams compete in volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track, golf, tennis, soccer and softball.

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Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are a valuable, added component to student life and play an important role in the total student experience at CCS. Participation in intramural sports will make for a more rewarding and enjoyable collegiate experience. It adds another dimension to student life away from the rigors of the classroom and allows for extracurricular social interaction. Intramural activities help promote and improve physical fitness, self-esteem and are a great way of just having fun while attending college. CCS offers a variety of intramural sports to students during the fall, winter and spring quarters. In addition, open recreation time is provided daily in the swimming pool at SCC and the gymnasiums at SCC and SFCC for students and staff.

Wellness Program

The CCS physical education, athletics and recreation department conducts a Wellness Program geared to meet the needs of CCS students, faculty and staff. The Wellness Program focuses on educating, motivating and directing individuals toward positive, fitness-oriented, healthful lifestyles. Information is available on nutrition and exercise. Fitness and wellness testing is available by appointment for body composition measurement, blood pressure, flexibility and nutrition analysis. Program goals are to reduce the risk of disease and injury and enhance the quality of life for students.

A variety of activities are offered and are geared to meet individual needs. Activities include organized classes (credit and noncredit) and open facility usage. Classes range from basic fitness to yoga, jogging, cross training, karate, weight training and fast fitness. Facilities are available for student use during open scheduled hours. This includes locker/shower rooms, swimming pool (SCC), indoor/outdoor tracks, gymnasiums, trails, tennis courts and athletic fields.

The Wellness Challenge incentive program is designed to encourage students, faculty and staff participation in health, fitness and wellness-related activities and runs from fall quarter through spring quarter each academic year. Both colleges have information, specific details and forms needed for participation.

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International Climate on Campus

Students have the opportunity to study and work with teachers and students from many countries. The faculty from SCC and SFCC represent, or have studied in, a variety of countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Students can pursue an SFCC International Studies Pre-major or International Business Certificate program. Consult a counselor or adviser for additional information.

Students at SCC and SFCC have the opportunity each quarter to participate in the International Peer Mentors through an International Programs and Service Learning partnership program.

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Student Activities

Student tuition includes services and activities fees, which provide funding for athletics, clubs, organizations, student government, and financial aid.

Student activities within CCS are conducted to promote educational, cultural, social and recreational programs. These programs are planned, coordinated, and conducted by students to supplement classroom learning experiences throughout the college year.

There are a wide variety of clubs and organizations that relate to many different special interests (i.e., black student union, interior design, service learning, gamers, anime, etc.) as well as organizations relating to instructional areas (i.e., engineering, art gallery, music, photo, etc.). Membership in student clubs and organizations is open to all students.

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Student Centers

Spokane Community College's Lair Student Center is the center of student activities and campus life. Areas available for student use include a cafeteria and deli, game room, bookstore, lobby lounge, auditorium and several meeting rooms.

The hub of Spokane Falls Community College's student activities is the Student Union Building (SUB) centrally located on campus. The SUB features a main lounge area with a fireplace, dining area with Cyber Cafe, recreation center with billiard tables, arcade games along with computer stations, several conference rooms, college store and student services area. Student services include admissions and the Registrar’s Office (student records); LGBT+ student center, career center; cashier; counseling; disability support services; financial aid; veteran affairs; international student services; multicultural student services; parking permits; Running Start Office; student-funded programs and activities; work-study/placement.

The off-campus location's Colville Center houses a student center that includes an activity room, two study rooms, and student government. The student services area includes the admissions/registration office, counseling center, testing, financial aid information, cashier, and disability support services. At the Pullman Campus, student services include counseling, admissions and registration, financial aid information and a student lounge. The Newport Center houses a student activity room, counseling, admissions/registration, financial aid information, and student government offices.

Student Government

All enrolled students of SCC and SFCC are members of their respective associated students. The SCC Associated Student Government determines student government decisions and brings co-curricular programs to the SCC campus.

Government action for SFCC Associated Students is determined by the Student Senate, consisting of three executive officers, two elected club representatives, three appointed officers, four appointed senators (representing geographical districts), one appointed administrator, one elected faculty representative, and a senate adviser. The Student Activities Board includes one executive officer, four appointed officers, four programmers, a board advisor and representatives from all campus clubs that are responsible for planning student programs and activities for the campus.

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Student Publications

The Wire Harp, SFCC's literary magazine, is published each spring. The magazine's editorial staff is composed of SFCC students. Submissions of poetry, prose, photography and graphic art are accepted in January each year.

The Communicator, SFCC's official student newspaper, gives students a chance to write about news, arts and entertainment, features, sports and opinion articles for the SFCC community while building a professional portfolio. Students produce the full-color, bi-weekly tabloid, giving them the opportunity to gain relevant experience in graphic design, page layout, advertising, photography and management. The Communicator regularly enters and places in national Associated Collegiate Press competitions and attends conferences in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, San Diego and San Francisco. The paper routinely ranks among the nation's best at Associated Collegiate Press conventions.

Journalism students also produce audio documentaries, videos, and podcasts on Communicator Online, located at Two consecutive years (2009 and 2010) the ACP awarded Communicator Online its Online Pacemaker award, considered the Pulitzer Prize of collegiate journalism.

Recently, students have also begun producing The Current, a TV news broadcast geared toward college students. Students are responsible for all aspects of production, from filming, script writing, editing, and appearing in front of the camera.

The Bigfoot Review: A Creative Arts Magazine is published by the students at the Pullman Campus. It provides students with an opportunity to write and publish their poems, short stories, photographs, and illustrations. It is published a minimum of once per year and gives students experience in preparing a publication including layout design, writing, editing, teamwork and meeting deadlines.