Chancellor's Welcome

Congratulations on selecting Community Colleges of Spokane – and one of our fine institutions, Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College or an off-campus center – to pursue your college education.

This catalog is an important piece of your pathway to prosperity in career and life success. Here, you'll learn about the many programs, services and opportunities available to you as a CCS student, what you can expect of your college or education center and, in turn, what we expect from you as a community college student. It contains important information about planning your transfer to a four-year school – or preparing for immediate entry into the workplace. And it is a valuable resource for knowing who to contact when you need help, information, and academic or student support.

Our catalog also reflects values that we, as CCS faculty and staff, strive to share with students each day. It is our mission to develop, unlock and celebrate each student's potential while you study at CCS. In our classes and on our campuses, we are committed to student success and ensuring access to high-quality, diverse academic opportunities that are continuously relevant and responsive to the educational and workforce development needs of our region.

You’ve taken a life-changing step, you’re shaping your future. Know we are here to support your success and greatly value the opportunity to work with you!

Christine Johnson
Community Colleges of Spokane

Christine Johnson, Chancellor, Community Collegs of Spokane

Chancellor Christine Johnson