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President – Spokane Community College

Kevin Brockbank, EdD

Welcome to Spokane Community College!

We are delighted that you have chosen Spokane Community College as the place to pursue your higher education goals. Whether this is your first attempt at college, or you are returning after an unplanned pause, we know you have made a great step forward on your path to success. You are in the right place!

SCC prides itself in being an institution where Student Success is the top priority in everything we do. We make this priority a reality by building a community that supports our students inside the classroom through excellent instruction, robust curriculum, and innovation. That same community will also assist you outside the classroom through holistic student supports designed to address everything life may throw at you. We are here to help!

Our program offerings are designed to serve your needs. Whether you plan to complete our transfer degree and continue to a university setting, or you are looking for the knowledge and skills to launch a career, we have an option for you. Those options provide you with opportunities in transfer education, health care, IT, manufacturing, environmental science, apprenticeships, and countless other great career sectors. Whatever your dream, we have a pathway!

We are excited to welcome you to SCC and to begin the process of partnering with you on this journey!

Kevin Brockbank, Ed.D,
Spokane Community College

Kevin Brockbank, EdD