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Community Colleges of Spokane


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To develop human potential through quality, relevant and affordable learning opportunities that result in improved social and economic well-being for our students and our state.


Community Colleges of Spokane transforms lives and uplifts humanity, inspiring students to lead communities, build the nation and enrich the world.

Spokane Community College

Core Values

  • Student success
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual respect
  • Responsive partnering


At Spokane Community College, we strive to provide our community accessible and affordable educational opportunities responsive to the needs of our diverse population.

We do this through

  • Industry-standard, professional-technical certificate and degree programs
  • Liberal arts and professional-technical programs transferable to four-year institutions
  • Developmental and continuing education, distance learning, and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Education programs that emphasize four critical learning abilities: Responsibility, communication, problem-solving and global awareness

As they carry out this mission, our skilled and dedicated faculty, staff and administration continuously support the individual and professional growth of our students and the economic success of our region.

Core Themes

The college has identified four core themes to further define the mission which are used evaluate mission fulfillment. These core themes are:

Core Theme 1: SCC's professional technical certificate and degree programs are industry standard, preparing students for entry level positions in their discipline.

Core Theme 2: Students enrolled in Academic Transfer courses are well prepared and successful as they transfer their coursework and/or Associate degrees in pursuit of the next step in their education plan.

Core Theme 3: Students are provided with the opportunity to succeed in a supported environment that enhances individual and professional growth through academic, personal and professional development.

Core Theme 4: Spokane Community College is responsive to the educational needs of our diverse community, contributing to its economic success.


Spokane Community College is a place where students transform their lives and attain their dreams in an unsurpassed learning environment that is personalized, engaging and affordable.

Spokane Falls Community College

Core Values

  1. Academic Excellence in which both the learner and teacher are responsible for the learning that reflects intellectual vitality, curiosity, creativity, and rigor.
  2. Academic Freedom in which we recognize freedom of speech, expression and ideas as well as the rights of students, faculty, and staff involved in intellectual inquiry in the development of knowledge.
  3. Collaboration in governance and working collegially in partnerships which recognize the synergy resulting from broad participation and valuing all voices.
  4. Diversity in our students, faculty, staff and community in the belief that it enriches our learning and growth.
  5. Personal Excellence which reflects integrity and caring in the entire work of the college.
  6. Respect for each other in recognition of diverse life experiences and the promotion of collegiality based on the belief in human rights and the dignity of each individual.
  7. Student Success enhanced by our comprehensive support services designed to help students succeed.
  8. Environmental Stewardship through which we demonstrate our respect and responsibility for the natural environment.


SFCC fosters student achievement and scholarship by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible learning opportunities.

We fulfill our mission through five core themes:

Core Theme 1: Excellent Instruction/Learning
SFCC has cultivated a climate in which faculty and students commit to excellence in instruction and learning.

Core Theme 2: Student Achievement
Student achievement encompasses students' experiences while at SFCC and those that prepare them for success after leaving SFCC. SFCC provides students with the tools and opportunities to make connections with others, meet their goals, and transition successfully, whether into the workforce or onto further learning.

Core Theme 3: Broad Access
The Washington State community college system was founded to "Offer an open door to every citizen regardless of his or her academic background or experience, at a cost normally within his or her economic means." The SFCC mission supports this principle, stating "SFCC fosters student achievement and scholarship by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible learning opportunities."

Core Theme 4: Diversity, Equity, Global Awareness
Advance diversity, promote equity, and to prepare students to live responsibly in an increasingly global civilization. The theme supports our core value of diversity.

Core Theme 5: Responsiveness to Community Needs
We are committed to meeting the changing needs of our community stakeholders through collaboration and innovation.


SFCC is an educational leader and partner with the community and region in providing flexible, responsive programs of the highest quality. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to student success, cultural enrichment and lifelong learning in a student-centered environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Institute for Extended Learning


The Institute for Extended Learning, one of three educational institutions of Community Colleges of Spokane, develops individual potential and enhances economic prosperity of the communities we serve. In collaboration with our accredited partners, we provide a dynamic and responsive spectrum of education and training programs and services for the benefit of individuals, families, employers and organizations. The Institute for Extended Learning uses time tested and innovative educational delivery systems to give students, both urban and rural, access to learning opportunities they otherwise might not have.


The Institute for Extended Learning will be:

  • A beacon for students of all ages and backgrounds.
  • A leader in innovative instruction and services.
  • Widely acclaimed and emulated for its dynamic and flexible delivery methods.
  • Renowned for its responsiveness, collaborative partnerships and diversity.
  • The Institute for Extended Learning equips and empowers individuals and their communities.

We change lives!

And here's how we do it:

With education centers in Pullman, Colville, Newport, Republic, Ione and Inchelium, where students can earn college certificates and degrees.

With literacy, GED, English as a Second Language, High School Completion, and refresher classes in math, English and college transition skills - at easily accessible locations in communities all over Eastern Washington. (We've even got some classes online!)

With programs like Career Transitions and PACE Services that give people a leg up as they cope with personal, physical or emotional challenges in their lives.

With affordable lifelong learning opportunities for people of all ages - Millenials, Gen Xers, Boomers, Seniors. Have fun. Refresh old skills. Learn new ones. Prepare for a new career. You name it, we've probably got a class for it.

And with Head Start, Early Head Start, ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) and Parent Education/Cooperative Preschools... programs that focus on the future - your kids.

At the Institute for Extended Learning, we change lives. How about yours?

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