Welding and Fabrication

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Winter 2019


Fall, Spring

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

Welding is one of the most common and dependable methods of joining materials together. Fabrication is the process of blueprint reading, layout, cutting and preparing materials for assembly.

The competency-based Welding and Fabrication program trains the student in the safe and correct procedures used in shielded metal-arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, MIG and TIG welding, and air arc and plasma cutting. Course content also includes the safe use and care of hand and power equipment found in welding and fabrication shops. Some of the equipment includes overhead cranes, grinders, power saws, ironworker, cold saws and drill presses.

The student will be prepared for entry into many trade and industry opportunities, including construction, aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, machinist, ship building and agriculture. This is only a small cross-section of job opportunities available to the student who successfully completes the program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Specific skills and related knowledge in shielded metal arc welding, gas metallic arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and flux core arc welding.
  2. Specific skills and related knowledge in the set-up and usage of the following power equipment: ironworker punch/shear, drill press, overhead crane, cold saw, band saw, chop saw, grinders, plasma arc, and oxy-acetylene cutting.
  3. Individual initiative and responsibility as a craftsman.
  4. A working knowledge of fabrication and blueprints.
  5. Understanding of occupational safety habits.
Normal sight, depth perception and physical dexterity are required.