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The Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP degree is a statewide articulated transfer degree agreement for nursing majors between the community colleges and most four-year institutions. Students will enter the four-year institution at junior standing. Admission to Washington four-year institutions' schools of nursing is not guaranteed to students holding a Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP degree. It is highly recommended that students meet with a counselor or academic adviser at Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College on a regular basis to be sure that requirements specified in this degree are met. Students should also seek academic advising at the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer early in their educational planning to learn about additional requirements and procedures for admission. A candidate for the Associate in Pre-Nursing degree must complete 90 quarter credits in academic courses numbered 100 or above with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and meet specific distribution requirements. Courses must be chosen from the following distribution areas: communication - 15 credits, quantitative/symbolic reasoning - 5 credits, humanities - 15 credits, social sciences - 15 credits, mathematics/science - 40 credits. At least 5 credits must be W-designated (writing intensive). At least 5 credits must be D-designated (global/diversity).  At least 30 credits must be earned in residence from Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls community College with at least 15 credits earned in the required distribution areas at the college awarding the degree. Prior college level credits and grade points are transferred for calculating total credits and GPA.

NOTE: Students should always check with the receiving university for additional requirements. Most have competitive admissions and require one year of residency at their institution.

Use this program outline in conjunction with the degree worksheet which shows a full course listing for each distribution area. Consult a counselor or academic adviser for recommended courses specific to student's choice of transfer institution.

Course of Study

  1. Complete the Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP degree requirements in consultation with a college counselor/adviser.
  2. Carefully check the foreign language requirements of the college to which you plan to transfer. If possible, complete these requirements while enrolled at the community college.
  3. Completion of recommended courses in a pre-major for transfer does not necessarily assure a student admission to a four-year institution or a specific program.
College Transfer Information
While students attend college for a variety of reasons, most attend for the purpose of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for entering a particular field of work, occupation or profession. Because the first two years of college are frequently spent meeting general college or university requirements, many options are available to students who plan to complete their freshman and sophomore years at SCC or SFCC.

Students should always check the requirements of the four-year institution from which they intend to graduate. Careful planning is necessary, as transferability of specific courses or programs is determined solely by the college to which the student transfers. Transfer guides, available in counseling centers at SCC and SFCC, should be consulted by all students planning to transfer. 

Students who have not made a decision regarding a transfer institution should follow the Community Colleges of Spokane requirements for the associate of arts degree. These requirements will satisfy most of the general course requirements for graduation from other institutions. Requirements for the associate of arts degree and a complete listing of courses available will be found in the college catalog.

Counseling Services
Educational, vocational and personal counseling services are available to all students through the counseling centers at SCC or SFCC. Students may obtain professional counseling services prior to registration to plan their program of study. In addition, faculty advisers are assigned to each student to provide further assistance during the year.