Network Design and Administration

Fall 2018


Fall, Winter, Spring

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

The Network Design and Administration program prepares students as local- and wide-area network administrators. Successful completion of the program provides students with the essential skills of network administration including network design, implementation, maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting, utilizing a variety of network operating systems, and hardware platforms and protocols. These include but are not limited to Microsoft, Cisco and UNIX. Upon completion, students have covered objectives leading toward professional certification. Effective oral and written communications are emphasized throughout the program.
Degree Prerequisites/Requirements: All required courses must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or better before proceeding to the next quarter or before a diploma is awarded.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Install and configure servers, workstations, routers, switches, network cabling and wireless devices.
  2. Show knowledge of network topologies, protocols and technologies.
  3. Analyze and troubleshoot a network and its peripherals.
  4. Perform administrative tasks on a network.
  5. Establish communications between similar and dissimilar networking systems.
  6. Monitor network performance.
  7. Show a strong working knowledge of network security policies and procedures.
  8. Develop research skills and techniques.
Note: All program required software is available in CIS labs. Student discounts are available for purchasing software for home use.