Legal Administrative Assistant

Spring 2019


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

The Legal Administrative Assistant program combines a well-balanced academic program with expert legal office instruction, giving the student the diversified training and background needed to hold a position of responsibility and importance in many areas of the legal world. This program helps raise the legal office skills of  the student to a professional level, gives the student a technical background through completion of technical skill courses and an academic background, provides the student a mature understanding of professional responsibilities, and provides for minimum additional on-the-job training.

To enter the certificate program, students must pass a keyboarding test with 40 wpm. A 2.5 grade or better in each class is required for an A.A.S. degree or Certificate.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Spell, pronounce, and correctly use legal terms.
  2. Write and accurately transcribe dictated legal material.
  3. Create pertinent legal forms and documents.
  4. Operate office equipment, including computers, printers, transcribing equipment, and copying machines.
  5. Organize and plan office work, and exercise leadership skills that encourage successful team work.
  6. Demonstrate ability to think critically.
  7. Demonstrate an entry-level competence and knowlege of word processing and knowledge of technological/legal advancements.
  8. Demonstrate language and human relations skills to enhance communications with other law-related offices and courts.