Gainful Employment Disclosure

Winter 2018

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

Participants learn the skills required of a line crew helper including how to set and climb poles, install cross-arms, hardware, lines and transformers in addition to learning to use the various tools and equipment of the trade through actual field experience.  Classroom training covers safety, electrical theory, transformers, switching, print reading, and the importance of attitude and teamwork necessary to succeed in today's work environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Pole climbing safe practices
  2. Personal protective gear
  3. Wood pole climbing
  4. Transmission pole climbing
  5. Steel pole climbing
  6. AC/DC Theory
  7. Transformer theory
  8. Identify construction tools and material
  9. Safe work practices
  10. First Aid/CPR card
  11. OHSA 10 T&D card
  12. Flaggers card
  13. Forklift card
  14. CDL, Class A
  15. Intro to line construction equipment
  16. Knots and basic rigging
  17. Intro to hot sticks and line tools
  18. Resume and mock interviews