Legal Administration

Fall 2018


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

Legal Administration is a career path in which the individual is typically employed in a supervisory role in a law office or other legal setting (court administration, etc.). The role requires management, financial, accounting, computer information systems, human resource management and legal knowledge. Experience and/or training in administration, marketing, accounting, business management, or law is preferred, but is not a mandatory prerequisite.
If interested in pursuing a four-year degree, ask a counselor or faculty adviser about transfer articulation agreements.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions of managing people, time, equipment and resources in a legal environment.
  2. Understand the importance of organizational structure, legal corporate culture and cultural diversity.
  3. Apply human resource management functions to build a productive work team.
  4. Understand computer information systems as well as possess the ability to apply information technology and computer skills to manage effectively and productively.
  5. Understand and analyze financial statements and apply accounting concepts.
  6. Communicate effectively – both verbal and written.
  7. Apply knowledge and skills by participating in a law office clinic work experience.