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Program Description

The Education Paraprofessional program provides theory and practice in the skills for working as effective members of instructional teams. An education paraprofessional works under the supervision of a licensed/certificated staff member to assist and support educational services. Courses within all options address the Washington State Core Competencies for Paraeducators and the Washington State Skill Standards. The core curriculum focuses on current issues and historical foundations of regular and special education, instructional strategies, behavior management, human development and interpersonal skills in the context of a diverse society. Students will need to successfully pass a Basic Skills Test in reading, writing and math before they will be able to register for Practicum I or complete the AAS degree. Supervised practicum opportunities for hands-on experiences in schools are provided throughout this course of study. The focus on Special Education includes the core curriculum courses described above yet delve deeper into providing services for children identified with disabilities such as learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental disabilities.

AAS Education Paraprofessional, General Education: The goal for this option is to support learners experiencing delays and/or those who are learning English as well as typical students within a general education setting.

AAS Education Paraprofessional, Early Childhood: Courses include the core curriculum described above and is intended to meet the needs of persons who wish to become paraeducators in grades K-3.

AAS Education Paraprofessional, School Library Media Technician: Courses include the core curriculum described above and is intended to meet the needs of persons who wish to become education paraprofessionals or school library technician paraprofessionals in a K-12 library. Library science (LMLIB) classes are taught online and students are required to take an onsite work experience class.

AA and DTA/MRP Degree: If you intend to transfer to a four year college or university to complete a teacher training program leading to certification, you must follow the associate in arts degree and the direct transfer agreement/major related program. It is important to contact an adviser in the Education Department for specific information about appropriate courses.

Certificate: This option may be most appropriate for those obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education wishing to extend their knowledge of working with children with special needs. As of January 2002, new federal guidelines require most paraprofessionals in public K-12 schools to complete a two year program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will practice ethical and professional standards of conduct and comply with laws (such as IDEA, Section 504, ADA) and workplace policies and procedures in relation to confidentiality, reporting of abuse, discipline, chain of command and delegation and supervision.
  2. Students will display a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job and are able to develop rapport and interact positively within the work environment as a member of the instructional team.
  3. Students are knowledgeable in the use of reinforcement, motivation and data collection to facilitate positive behavioral support and assist in instruction and learning.
  4. Students exemplify the philosophy that all individuals/participants can learn and contribute within a multicultural, inclusive context of children, families and colleagues.
  5. Students have documented performance indicators for the 14 Core Competencies for Paraeducators in Washington State.

Certificate - SFCC

Offered at Locations:  Spokane Falls Community College

First Quarter

EDUC&204Exceptional Child 5
EDUC 252Social/Emotional Development 5
EDUC 280Behavior/Classroom Management 5

Second Quarter

EDUC 275Learning Disabilities 5
Communications Elective 5
Human Relations/Leadership Elective 5

Third Quarter

BUS  122Practical Business Math 3
EDUC 270Introduction to Developmental Disabilities 5
HLTH 174First Aid 3
Certificate Electives 4
45 credits are required for the Certificate

Certificate Electives 

ASL& 121Am Sign Language I 5
CAPPS102Introduction to Office 1
CAPPS104Beginning Windows Operating System 1
EDUC 281Education/Special Education Practicum I 5
EDUC 282Education/Special Education Practicum II 5
HS   102Introduction to Human Services 5
HS   105Child Abuse 5
LMLIB125School Libraries and Media Centers 5
LMLIB126Library Technology and Services for Educational Support 3
LMLIB135Children's Literature and Library Services 5

Communications Elective 

BT   107Business Communications 5
ENGL&101English Composition I 5

Human Relations/Leadership Elective 

CMST&210Interpersonal Communication 5
HS   136Improving Interpersonal Communication 5

Disclaimer: The college cannot guarantee courses will be offered in the quarters indicated. During the period this guide is in circulation, there may be curriculum revisions and program changes. Students are responsible for consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for more current and specific information. the information in this guide is subject to change and does not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.