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Program Description

Respiratory care is a dynamic, high tech, high touch healthcare profession involving direct patient care. Respiratory care practitioners (RCPs) specialize in the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary function, health and wellness. Services provided to patients include diagnostic testing, therapeutic intervention, monitoring, rehabilitation, and the application of cardiopulmonary life-support systems. Respiratory care services are provided in all healthcare settings including acute care hospitals, long-term acute care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, patient’s homes and physician offices.

Spokane Community College’s bachelor of applied science in respiratory care prepares graduates with demonstrated competence in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of respiratory care practice as performed by registered respiratory therapists (RRTs). The program prepares leaders in the discipline by providing additional curricular content in research, management, advanced practice and education.

This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (, 1248 Harwood Road, Bedford, TX 76021-4244, (817) 283-2835.

Upon completion of the program students will earn a bachelor’s of applied science in respiratory care and will be eligible to apply and sit the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) exams for registered respiratory therapist (RRT) and the specialty exams in pulmonary function, neonatal-pediatric, and adult critical care.

Students are admitted to the program during the general education year. General education courses may not be repeated more than once. Successful admission and completion in the professional program is based on earning a 2.5 or higher in general education courses and a 2.0 (78%) or higher in all Respiratory Care courses.

Program Learning Outcomes


Offered at Locations:  Spokane Community College
BIOL&160General Biology w/Lab 5
BIOL&241Human A & P 1 5
BIOL&242Human A & P 2 5
BIOL&260Microbiology 5
CHEM&121Intro to Chemistry: w/Lab 5
CMST 227Intercultural Communication 5
ENGL&101English Composition I 5
ENGL&235Technical Writing 5
MATH&146Introduction to Stats 5

First Quarter

RT   213Electrophysiology 4
RT   241Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I 3
RT   242Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I Technical Skills Lab 2
RT   244Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology 3
RT   248Physical Science for Respiratory Care 3

Second Quarter

PHIL 110Intro to Ethics 5
RT   251Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II 3
RT   252Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II Technical Skills Lab 2
RT   254Fundamentals of Spirometry 2
RT   255Fundamentals of Spirometry Technical Skills Lab 1
RT   256Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases 2
SURG 105Blood-borne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS 1

Third Quarter

PSYC&100General Psychology 5
RT   261Fundamentals of Respiratory Care III 4
RT   262Fundamentals of Respiratory Care III Technical Skills Lab 2
RT   263Respiratory Care Pharmacology 4
RT   264Computer Applications in Respiratory Care  1
RT   265RT Clinical I  1

Fourth Quarter

PSYC&200Lifespan Psychology 5
RT   301Critical Care I  4
RT   304Pathophysiology 5
RT   311Critical Care I Technical Skills Lab  2
RT   321RT Clinical II 2

Fifth Quarter

RT   302Critical Care II 3
RT   305Pulmonary Volumes Diffusion and Instrumentation  2
RT   308Basic Life Support Instructor  2
RT   312Critical Care II Technical Skills Lab  2
RT   315PVDI Technical Skills Lab 1
RT   322RT Clinical III 2

Sixth Quarter

RT   303Home Care and Rehabilitation  2
RT   309Advanced Pharmacology  3
RT   313Home Care and Rehabilitation Technical Skills Lab 1
RT   325PFT Clinical I 1
RT   331Critical Care Clinical I 5

Seventh Quarter

RT   401Pediatrics/Neonatal RT  3
RT   402Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support  2
RT   403Advanced Pulmonary Diagnostics  3
RT   411Pediatrics/Neonatal Technical Skills Lab  2
RT   412Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Lab  1
RT   413Advanced Pulmonary Diagnostics Technical Skills Lab  1
RT   421Critical Care Clinical II  4

Eighth Quarter

RT   404Research in Respiratory Care 2
RT   415Disease Management 4
RT   416Disaster Management  2
RT   423Advanced Pulmonary Diagnostics Clinical  1
RT   424Pediatric/Neonatal Clinical  3
RT   425Advanced Critical Care Clinical  2

Ninth Quarter

RT   406Management in Respiratory Care  2
RT   407Patient Management and Problem Solving  3
RT   409Research in Respiratory Capstone  2
RT   410Fundamentals of Education Course Design  2
RT   417Patient Management and Problem Solving Technical Skills Lab  1
RT   433Advanced Clinical  5
180 credits are required for the BAS

Disclaimer: The college cannot guarantee courses will be offered in the quarters indicated. During the period this guide is in circulation, there may be curriculum revisions and program changes. Students are responsible for consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for more current and specific information. the information in this guide is subject to change and does not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.