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Tuition and Fees

Additional Costs

Misc. Fees*$1169
* Approximate two-year cost for books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses required for graphic design and related courses.

Program Description

The two-year Graphic Design program is an intensive course of study that prepares students for entry-level jobs in design studios, advertising agencies, corporate in-house design departments and other businesses creating design, advertising and promotional content. Standards match job requirements that range from technical production abilities to high-level creative conceptualizing. The program curriculum incorporates industry design problems and projects to demonstrate student learning. Courses in design process and technology interact to deliver the skills necessary to successfully complete specific design projects. The design skills students master are applied to projects in multiple media including print, online, video, animation, motion graphics, and social media platforms.

Guided by a local advisory committee of professional designers, the program is constantly updated with the goal of placing students in entry-level design jobs. Throughout the program, there is ample opportunity for students to interact with professionals via field trips, guest lecturers, adjunct faculty and the Internet. At the end of the second year, students create professional portfolios of their work and complete internships at industry work sites.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the Graphic Design AAS degree, students will:

Career Opportunities

The job market is competitive both nationally and locally. Graphic designers are employed at graphic design studios, advertising agencies, corporate in-house departments and publishing firms. Current students are given assistance in obtaining job interviews.

POTENTIAL POSITIONS INCLUDE: Graphic designer, art director, package designer, production designer, television graphics designer, web page designer, 3-D modeler, multimedia designer, and pre-press technician.


Offered at Locations:  Spokane Falls Community College
Area of Emphasis: Students pursuing a degree in Graphic Design are encouraged to enhance their expertise through the study of related and/or complimentary disciplines: Fine Arts, Journalism, Photography, and Business. To encourage interdisciplinary study, the Graphic Design degree contains room in the second year for recommended courses within distinct "areas of emphasis." These courses are optional. Whatever a student's area of emphasis, his/her degree is in Graphic Design. To select the area of emphasis that will most enhance your skills, you should meet with your faculty adviser in Graphic Design early spring quarter of your first year.

First Quarter

GRDSN101Design Process I 4
GRDSN102Design Technology I 3
GRDSN105Drawing for Graphic Designers 3
GRDSN156Illustrator I 2
GRDSN158PhotoShop I 2
GRDSN181Web Development I 4

Second Quarter

GRDSN111Design Process II 4
GRDSN112Design Technology II 3
GRDSN151Typography and Layout 3
GRDSN163InDesign I 2
GRDSN172Dreamweaver 2
Human Relations/Leadership Requirement 15

Third Quarter

GRDSN109History of Design 5
GRDSN121Design Process III 4
GRDSN122Design Technology III 3
GRDSN125Computer Drawing 3
Communications Requirement 15

Fourth Quarter

GRDSN182Web Development II 3
GRDSN201Design Process IV 4
GRDSN202Design Technology IV 3
GRDSN235Multimedia Technology I 3
Area of Emphasis 20-5

Fifth Quarter

GRDSN211Design Process V 4
GRDSN212Design Technology V 3
GRDSN236Multimedia II 3
Area of Emphasis 20-5
Computation Requirement 15

Sixth Quarter

GRDSN221Design Process VI 4
GRDSN223Design Portfolio 3
GRDSN237Multimedia III 3
GRDSN266Cooperative Education Seminar 1
GRDSN267Cooperative Education Work Experience 3
Area of Emphasis 20-5
99-114 credits are required for the AAS

Area of Emphasis: Art 2

ART  105Color and Design 5
ART  1063-D Design 4
ART  130Sculpture 4
ART  189Printmaking 4
ART  191Screen Printing 4
ART  192Printmaking, Intaglio 4
GRDSN129Digital Studio 2
GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2

Area of Emphasis: Business 2

GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2
MMGT 125Social Media Marketing 5
MMGT 126Search Engine Marketing 5
MMGT 218Fundamentals of Advertising 5

Area of Emphasis: Journalism 2

GRDSN168InDesign II 2
GRDSN176Introduction to Page Design 2
GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2
JOURN101College Newspaper Production I 3-5
JOURN220Introduction to News Writing 5
JOURN225Multimedia Journalism 5
PHOTO131Introduction to Photojournalism 3

Area of Emphasis: Multimedia/Video  2

GRDSN171Flash 2
GRDSN173Flash II 2
GRDSN175After Effects Flash II 2
GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2
GRDSN236Multimedia II 3
PHOTO126Digital Photography 5
PHOTO200Photography Media 4
PHOTO237Introduction to Documentary DV Production 5

Area of Emphasis: Photography 2

GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2
PHOTO112Photographic Design 4
PHOTO120Photographic Arts 3
PHOTO126Digital Photography 5
PHOTO131Introduction to Photojournalism 3
PHOTO200Photography Media 4

Area of Emphasis: Web Design/Development 2

GRDSN167Fireworks 2
GRDSN171Flash 2
GRDSN172Dreamweaver 2
GRDSN173Flash II 2
GRDSN174Dreamweaver II 2
GRDSN182Web Development II 3
GRDSN200Graphic Design Workshop 2

Communications Requirement 1

CMST&101Introduction to Communication 5
CMST 226Gender Communication 5
CMST 227Intercultural Communication 5
ENGL&101English Composition I 5
ENGL 105Pro/Tech: Basic Writing 5
JOURN220Introduction to News Writing 5
JOURN225Multimedia Journalism 5

Computation Requirement 1

BUS  103Basic Business Math and Electronic Calculators 5
BUS  104Business Mathematics 5
MATH 090Pre-Algebra 5
MATH 094Algebra II 5
MATH&107Math in Society 5

Human Relations/Leadership Requirement 1

CMST&210Interpersonal Communication 5
CMST 226Gender Communication 5
CMST 227Intercultural Communication 5
HS   136Improving Interpersonal Communication 5
HUM  107Introduction to Cultural Studies 5
MMGT 101Principles of Management 5
SOC& 101Intro to Sociology 5
SOC  221Race and Ethnic Relations 5
SOC  230Sociology of Gender 5
1Students must choose 5 credits in each of the following areas of related instruction: Communications, Computation and Human Relations/Leadership. A class cannot be used to fulfill more than one area. Students intending on transferring to another institution should consult with a faculty academic adviser prior to selecting these courses.
2Students are required to meet with a Graphic Design Instructor to develop a learning plan and determine an area of emphasis to complete the Graphic Design AAS Degree. Credits may vary by emphasis. At least 9 - 15 credits are recommended. Only one AAS Degree in Graphic Design will be awarded. Students desiring additional emphasis areas can receive non-transcripted certificates of completion.
3GRDSN 182 Web Development II may be substituted with GRDSN 142 Print Production.

Disclaimer: The college cannot guarantee courses will be offered in the quarters indicated. During the period this guide is in circulation, there may be curriculum revisions and program changes. Students are responsible for consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for more current and specific information. the information in this guide is subject to change and does not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.