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Program Description

Founded in 1965, the photography program at Spokane Falls Community College is an intensive two–year study of visual communications. Students explore career opportunities in commercial photography and multimedia production and have opportunities to interact with industry through field trips, guest speakers and cooperative work experiences.
First–year students learn the fundamentals of lighting and composition while surveying career fields. Second–year students complete projects with real world scenarios and focus on prevailing trends in the world of digital media production.
In addition to teaching technical skills and artistic design, the program stresses positive work habits and helps students develop personal career goals.
With guidance from an advisory committee made up of employers and working professionals, the photography program is constantly updated to reflect current industry standards.

Course of Study

  1. 3,000 sq ft of commercial studio space, largest in the Northwest. Cars can be shot on its seamless, two-wall cove.
  2. 900 sq ft of portrait studio space with a large north window for natural light portraiture.
  3. Over $50,000 of the latest photographic lighting and camera equipment available for student checkout.
  4. Film and digital lab facilities.
  5. Video and multimedia lab.
Continuing Education--Upon completion of the two-year program, students may transfer with junior standing to Brooks Institute of Photography. The two-year photography program is also designed to be transferable to other four-year colleges and universities in related fields of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate business skills to successfully enter the profession
2. Students will build a portfolio demonstrating creativity and storytelling skills
3. Students will apply interpersonal skills to work in industry
4. Students will develop the technical skills required to complete projects
5. Students will develop the post-production skills required to create portfolio quality still photography and video productions.
6. Students will apply research skills to assess current trends in the profession.
7. Students will develop written communication skills necessary to be successful in their chosen career.