Library and Information Services

Spring 2019


Fall, Winter, Spring

Degrees and Certificates

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Program Description

The Library and Information Services program offers an online AAS degree and an online certificate for library support staff and paraprofessionals who wish to start their career as a library staff member or who wish to further their career development.

Students are trained to work in all areas of library service. The program gives students exposure to a broad range of theory and practice common in most libraries. The program at SFCC follows the American Library Association guidelines for library support staff.

Students can enter the program in any quarter; however, the recommended, but not required course sequence begins fall quarter in order to complete the program as listed in the career planning guide.

Library science classes are online classes. Electives for the AAS degree program can be taken online or in a traditional classroom. Students engage in online learning and are required to take work experience/internship classes to reinforce hands-on training. The LMLIB 288 COOP Education Work Experience class is a critical component of the degree program as it provides hand on training to reinforce classroom instruction. This class may be taken more than once during fall, winter or spring quarter. Very few of the library science classes require students to purchase textbooks.

The three quarter online certificate program targets persons interested in working in K-12 library settings who do not wish to pursue an AAS degree. Graduates of this program may gain employment as library support staff or paraprofessionals in libraries.

The AAS Educational Paraprofessional School Library Media Technician Emphasis Degree: Students in this degree program can seek employment as paraprofessionals in the classroom or as K-12 library staff. Consult the Education Paraprofessional, Special Education career planning guide for more information.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in standardized library practices and procedures in a range of library service areas: technical services; circulation/access  services; and
public/reference services.
2. Students will be able to comprehend library professional ethics and behaviors.
3. Students will articulate the value and role of library services in contemporary society.

For more information, contact Spokane Falls Community College Counseling Center (509) 533-3525; or the Program Instructor (509) 533-3809.