Fall 2017



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Program Description

The Digital Media Production AAS-T degree in an interdisciplinary study of photography, journalism and documentary video production that prepares students to pursue careers in a variety of communication fields such as news reporting, photojournalism, video journalism, marketing, and public relations.
The Digital Media Production AAS-T degree will allow students to draw upon the strengths of various existing departments to help develop the skills necessary to succeed in various, rapidly evolving field centered around media production.
By bringing together resources from journalism, photography, graphic design, web design, and audio technology, the AAS-T degree in Digital Media Production will help students develop skills in photography and video production, journalistic storytelling, audio capture, web design, and the clear and concise presentation of content through an understanding of the elements and principles of good design.


Offered at Locations:  Spokane Falls Community College

First Quarter

ART  105Color and Design 5
PHOTO126Digital Photography 5

Second Quarter

JOURN110Mass Media 5
JOURN220Introduction to News Writing 5
PHOTO131Introduction to Photojournalism 3

Third Quarter

GRDSN163InDesign I 2
JOURN225Multimedia Journalism 5

Fourth Quarter

JOURN221Digital News Production I 13
PHOTO237Introduction to Documentary DV Production 5

Fifth Quarter

ACCT 141QuickBooks 2
JOURN222Digital News Production II 23
PHOTO247HDSLR Filmmaking 5
Graphic Design Self-Paced Software Elective 42

Sixth Quarter

GRDSN175After Effects 2
JOURN223Digital News Production III 33
PHOTO266Cooperative Education Seminar 1
PHOTO267Cooperative Education Work Experience 2
Social Science Elective from AA Degree  55
63 credits are required for the AAS-T
1JOURN 221 may be substituted with JOURN 101- College Newspaper Production I.
2JOURN 222 may be substituted with JOURN 102 - College Newspaper Production II.
3JOURN 223 may be substituted with JOURN 103 - College Newspaper Production III.
4Please work with your faculty advisor to select the GRDSN self-paced software classes.
5Select five credits from the Social Sciences distribution (Group A or B) from the AA Degree worksheet.

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