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Culinary Arts

Winter 2018


Offered at Locations:  Spokane Community College

First Quarter

CUL  110Introduction to Culinary Arts 5
CUL  115Food Sanitation 23
EMS  120Basic First Aid in the Workplace 2
HM   112Hospitality Mathematics 3
HM   130Human Relations 5

Second Quarter

APLED121Applied Written Communication 4
CUL  124Cooking Applications I 110
CUL  126Food Science 5

Third Quarter

CUL  253Advanced Cooking Theory 5
CUL  254A la Carte Cooking I 10
HM   116Nutrition for Chefs and Restaurant Managers 3

Fourth Quarter

CUL  255Menu Planning 3
CUL  260Presidential 1
CUL  263Theory of Modern Cuisine 5
CUL  264A la Carte Cooking II 9

Fifth Quarter

BAK  140Yeast Doughs 1
CUL  243Theory of Restaurant Baking 5
CUL  244Restaurant Baking Applications 10
CUL  265Hospitality Cost Controls 5

Sixth Quarter

CUL  123Espresso 2
CUL  127Banquet Service 2
CUL  131A la Carte Service 9
107 credits are required for the AAS
1This course may be substituted with any course or combination of courses approved by the instructional dean.
2This course is required for certification by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association.

Disclaimer: The college cannot guarantee courses will be offered in the quarters indicated. During the period this guide is in circulation, there may be curriculum revisions and program changes. Students are responsible for consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for more current and specific information. the information in this guide is subject to change and does not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.

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