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Baking: Professional Pastries and Specialty Cakes

Winter 2018

Certificate - SCC

Offered at Locations:  Spokane Community College

First Quarter

BAK  101Introduction to Baking and Pastries 1
BAK  110Artisan Breads 5
BAK  111Pastries 7
HM   112Hospitality Mathematics 13

Second Quarter

BAK  120Special Occasion Cakes 2
BAK  121Tortes and Gateau 2.5
BAK  130Sculptured Cakes 2.5
BAK  131Rolled Fondant 2.5
BAK  248Wedding Cakes 2.5
HM   115Food Sanitation 3

Third Quarter

APLED121Applied Written Communication 14
APLED123Leadership Skills for Business and Industry 13
BAK  288Cooperative Education Work Experience (No Seminar) 27
45 credits are required for the Certificate
1This course may be substituted with any course or combination of courses approved by the instructional dean.
2BAK 288 may be substituted with BAK 266 and 267 for 7 credits.

Disclaimer: The college cannot guarantee courses will be offered in the quarters indicated. During the period this guide is in circulation, there may be curriculum revisions and program changes. Students are responsible for consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for more current and specific information. the information in this guide is subject to change and does not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.

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