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Program Description

Dental Assisting is a one year Allied Health profession specifically concerned with preparing the student for employment as a chairside dental assistant to the dentist and other auxiliaries. In addition to the certificate an additional year is available for the AAS degree.

The primary role of the dental assistant includes several modalities which include:
Chairside area: review and record medical and dental histories and any other data required; prepare treatment rooms and patients for treatment; chart and document patients information; assist the dentist and other auxiliaries in general and specialty treatment of patients; Instruct patients in oral hygiene techniques and various dental procedures; prepare various dental materials; sterilize and disinfect dental instruments and equipment. Perform a variety expanded functions that are legal in the state of Washington. (see Department of Health WAC 246-817-520);
Expose, process and mount various types of traditional and digital radiographs becoming proficient in the various types of equipment which require a highly skilled operator to obtain the imaging information and other data required.

Reception area: appoint patients for treatments, maintain a patient recall system, file and maintain patient and office records, complete patient insurance forms and make financial arrangements with patients; order and maintain dental supplies and equipment. 
This program is accredited by the American Dental Association ( American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation 211 East Chicago Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60611 Phone (800) 621.8099 or (312) 440.4653.

Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board exam immediately following graduation. Students in this program are required to complete three separate clinical internships. 

Course of Study

We strongly recommend students seek advising from the Dental Assisting Department prior to applying to the program in person or by phone. All questions should be brought to the advising appointment.

Program Director:   Mrs. Pat Norman
Phone:   509-533-7301

Admission packets due June 15

Send documentation to:
Spokane Community College
Dental Assisting Department
1810 North Greene Street
Spokane, WA 99217
MS: 2090  Attn: Mrs. Pat Norman

Interviews will be conducted the first part of August. You will be notified prior if you have been chosen for the interview process.

Admission Requirements:

• Admission to the Dental Assisting program is competitive and based on panel interview
• High School diploma or GED certificate required
• A national background check prior admission into the program
• Professional Cover Letter, Resume’ and documentation of volunteer hours
• Completion of 16 hours volunteerism in a General Dental Practice
o One of the following must be completed in order to apply:
  16 documented hours of observation of dental assistant(s) in practice (in one or more office)
  16 documented hours of volunteer work (in one or more dental office)
  16 documented hours of paid employment (in one or more dental office)
o Volunteer hours must be submitted in a sealed envelope on letterhead of the dental office in which you volunteered/worked
• Three letters of recommendations; one of the letters must be from at least one dental office in which you volunteered/worked
• Appropriate college entrance scores are required
o English self-placement at the 101 level or above
o Math placement must be at a 21 level or above
• A 2.0 is required in every course to proceed to the next quarter
• National Background Checks are required with results that are acceptable for clinical sites prior to the New Student Orientation.  The cost of the initial background check will be at the student’s expense.  An additional background check is required in the second quarter of the program and is included in your lab fees
• Immunizations, current healthcare provider CPR, and 7 hour blood borne pathogen training are required prior to clinical internship in the 2nd quarter
• Selective clinical sites require a ten-panel drug screen within 30 days of clinical internship
• Department of Health Dental Assistant Registration must be active prior to internship
• Return to the program is based on "space available" and meeting with the program director
• Upon re-entry into the program, students may only repeat a class one time.
• Repeat of course(s) must be completed within two years
• To use an articulated credit, credit must be completed within the last 2 years
• Active email account required. Please include your email on your Resume’
• Computer skills are recommended
• Dental Assisting courses are limited to students of the Dental Assisting program

After entering the Dental Assisting program, students are required to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade in each class before proceeding to the next quarter.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform basic chairside assisting techniques in general and specialty practices.
  2. Identify and utilize instruments, equipment, medications, and dental operatory maintaining the asepsis chain.
  3. Expose, process, and mount dental radiographs.
  4. Comprehend dental terminology, record patient medical and dental history, and chart pertinent patient information.
  5. Gain understanding of dental materials, prepare and utilize appropriately.
  6. Identify and apply the concepts of dental ethics in relationships to the patient, dentist, and other auxiliaries of the dental team.
  7. Schedule patients for various treatments, maintain a recall system, order and maintain supplies, complete patient insurance forms, make financial arrangements, and utilize basic dental software.
  8. Perform dental assisting expanded functions allowed in the state of Washington.