Counseling and Special Services

Advising and Counseling

Educational, career and personal counseling services are available to all students through the counseling centers at SCC, SFCC and the off-campus centers. Students may obtain professional counseling services prior to registration to plan their complete program of study.

For more information, call the Counseling Centers at:

  • SCC: (509) 533-7026
    • Magnuson Building: (509) 279-6030
      • Adult Education Center: (509) 533-4600
      • Career Transitions: (509) 279-6065
    • Newport Center: (509) 447-3835
    • Northern Counties: (509) 279-6709
  • SFCC: (509) 533-3525
    • Fairchild AFB Education Center: (509) 533-8937
    • Pullman Campus: (509) 533-4002


Assessment and placement are described in the Admission section.


Information specific to veterans can be found in the Veterans Services section.

Career Informtion


Career planning services at SCC include a number of computerized resources: career interest inventories, a scholarship database, WinWay Resume software and Internet access for students or community members to utilize for job search or career planning activities. Reference materials include career information files (over 600), vocational biographies, career planning guides, periodicals, college catalogs, books, Graduate Placement reports, and materials regarding job search and resume writing. Labor market trends, forecasts and projections are available on the computer and in written form. The SCC Student Success and Career Services Office (Lair Building 6) is a WorkSource Spokane affiliate site. For more information, call (509) 533-8009.


The SFCC Career Center, located in Building 17, Room 226, has a variety of resources available for obtaining occupational and educational information. Numerous software programs provide opportunities for self-assessment, as well as educational, occupational and scholarship information. Students have Internet access in the center for online registration and research pertinent to their education.

College, university and career and technical school catalogs and transfer guides are available in the center. Transfer advisers from area four-year colleges are available by appointment on a regularly scheduled basis. Printed resources in the center include vocational biographies, brochures, career planning guides and books. Labor market trends, forecasts and projections also are available, as well as videotapes describing careers, colleges and education programs. Scholarship information is available for local, state and national scholarships. The SFCC Career Center is a WorkSource Spokane affiliate site. For more information, call SFCC, (509) 533-3540.

Student Employment Services

Spokane Community College and SFCC offer part-time, full-time, seasonal and graduate job referral assistance online. Materials regarding job search and resume writing also are available. All services are free and accessible on a drop-in basis.

For more information, call:

  • SCC
    • Student Success and Career Services Office (Lair Building 6): (509) 533-7249
    • SCC WorkSource: (509) 533-8070
  • SFCC
    • SFCC Career and Student Employment Center (SUB Building 17): (509) 533-3545
    • SFCC WorkSource: (509) 533-3540

Work-study employment is offered to students who have applied for financial aid, expressed an interest in student employment on their FAFSA, and are eligible for the program. Institutional work-study employment is also available on campus for students who do not qualify for financial aid work-study.

For more information, call:

  • SCC Work-Study Placement Office (Building 50, Room 118C): (509) 533-8007
  • SFCC Career and Student Employment Center (Building 17, Room 226): (509) 533-3540.

Disability Support Services (DSS)

Community Colleges of Spokane has support service programs and centers for students who have documented disabilities and who are “otherwise qualified” for community college programs (as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act). Because the nature and scope of services may vary between institutions, you should check with each institution’s DSS Office for details.

Academic accommodations and adjustments are available based upon individually determined needs and may include interpreters, assistive learning devices and technology, note takers, readers, scribes, materials and textbooks in alternate format, large print or Braille materials, priority registration, alternate testing, information and referral services, and assistance with accessing campus processes such as admission and registration. Other academic adjustments may be determined on an individual basis.

To receive services, students are required to contact and provide documentation of their disability to the DSS Office at SCC or SFCC. Student information is kept confidential in accordance with FERPA policy.

For more information:

  • SCC: (509) 533-7169, TTY (509) 533-8610, or Disabilities Website
  • SFCC: (509) 533-4166, TTY (509) 533-3838, VP (866) 327-6914, or Disabilities Website
  • Off-Campus Centers:
    • Colville: (509) 685-2122 or (509) 279-6737
    • Pullman Campus: (509) 332-2706
    • Spokane: (509) 279-6037, TTY (509) 279-6092, or Disabilities Website

Multicultural Student Services

Each college has a Multicultural Student Services Office to assist multicultural community members with financial, academic and personal counseling. At SCC, this office is located in the Multicultural Center, Building 6, Room 115.

The SFCC Multicultural Student Services Office is located in Building 17, Room 130. The office provides a variety of services to multicultural students. Primary assistance is for academic and financial aid needs. The office also provides tutorial and career counseling to students.

Each year, SFCC organizes and offers a variety of diversity programs with the student organizations advised through this office. The clubs are the Red Nations Student Association, the African American Association and the MEChA Club.

For more information, call:

  • SCC: (509) 533-8875
  • SFCC: (509) 533-3546

Servicesmembers' Opportunity College

Both SCC and SFCC are Servicemembers' Opportunity Colleges (SOC). Each college, through its actions, assumes its responsibilities of meeting the needs of an individual and immediate family members (wife, husband, children in domicile) serving in the Armed Forces in their quest for an educational experience. In order to meet this need, CCS has:

  • admission policies that relate to the life conditions of the servicemember and eligible family members;
  • adjusted residency requirements for the servicemember and eligible family members that hinder educational progress;
  • provided special services to meet the special needs of service members and eligible family members.

Since mobility makes it unlikely that a servicemember can complete all degree program requirements at one institution, a SOC institution designs its transfer practices for servicemembers to minimize loss of credit and avoid duplication of coursework, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of its programs. Consistent with requirements of a servicemember's degree program, a SOC institution follows the general principles of good practice outlined in the Joint Statement on the Transfer and Award of Credit. Each institution may be required to submit documentary evidence that it generally accepts credits in transfer from other accredited institutions, and that its credits in turn are generally accepted by other accredited institutions.

For details regarding the services available while attending a SOC institution, call:

  • SCC
    • Counseling: (509) 533-7026
    • Veterans Services: (509) 533-7027
  • SFCC
    • Counseling: (509) 533-3525
    • Veterans Services: (509) 533-3504
    • Fairchild AFB Education Center: (509) 533-8937

(General guidelines are listed in the SOC Guide Handbook.)

Campus Tours

Community Colleges of Spokane welcomes students individually or in groups to visit the campuses, tour its facilities, and connect with faculty and staff.

For information regarding tours, call:

  • SCC: (509) 533-TOUR (-8687)
  • SFCC: (509) 533-3527
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